Bridal Cars

Photo Props

We have a number of props that bridal parties can use (free of charge) to enhance their photos. These are:

Wedding Suitcase

Nearly all couples want to use this just married suitcase prop. The case is tied on the back of the main bridal Hudson so that the “Getting Married” side faces out going to the service. Then, during the service, the driver turns it around to the “Just Married” side, and this faces out for the rest of the wedding. Couples are either photographed with the suitcase here, or they take and place it somewhere else in their photograph/s.

Hats and Guns

A good number of grooms and their attendants also want to dress up as gangsters to suit our cars of that era. So, we have lots of suitable hats and guns for the men who want to have a few fun photos taken. Sometimes the women also like to get in on the act!


Photos of Props in use

Here are some photos of people using our props.