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The Restoration of My First Hudson Super Six

Well, it took me nearly a decade of working nights, weekends and holidays to complete a thorough or “ground-up” restoration of my Hudson.  First of all, I stripped it right down to the chassis, had this sandblasted and then painted it.

Then, in turn,  all the mechanical assemblies were renewed and assembled onto this chassis.

I had an engine re-conditioner do the major motor work for me.  But the rest, such as the gearbox, differential, brakes, and wheels,  I reconditioned myself, with the aid of a 1928 Hudson service manual  I’d managed to get since buying the car. 

Eventually I got it to the “rolling chassis” stage and then began repairing the body.  To do this I attended a part-time Polytechnic Vintage Car Panel-beating course for several more years, learning how panel-beat the old fashioned way, i.e. to weld, beat and file as I worked on panels from the Hudson.

Next, I taught myself how to spray-paint, sprayed the now good panels and assembled them back onto the chassis.  Then I wired up all the electrical parts. 

Finally the upholstery was done.  I had an upholsterer recover the more complex seats for me.  But I did all the other areas myself, such as the door panels, and hood lining  which were large and flat and relatively straightforward. 

The restoration of my first Hudson was complete!

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My first 1928 Hudson Super Six as it was when I bought it. (November 1985)

Getting ready to trailer my purchase back to Hamilton. (December 1985)

The chassis, stripped of everything, sand-blasted and then painted. (August 1986)

Now as a “rolling chassis.” (December 1988)

Body now panel-beated, repainted, and back onto the chassis. (March 1992)

A photo, that I got with the Essex, showing it as a “rolling chassis.” (August 1971)

Another photo that I also got with the Essex, showing a bare panelbeated and repainted body. (September 1971)

Driving back to Hamilton in my second Hudson Super Six, towing a trailer full of spare parts. (24th June 1997)
My second Hudson Super Six ready to be repainted. (December 1997)

Me checking out the Murphy-bodied 7 seater 1928 Hudson Limousine

The Hudson Limousine now stripped of body panels and paint on the front scuttle and rear tub

From left to right, Jack Chappell (a friend ), Kathryn Parsons ( my wife) and myself after removing anything that might be of use from an unwanted and rotting Hudson Super Six chassis. (March 1987)

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