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In building up the Hudsons and our business 1928 Hudson Hire, I have had, what have been for me,  a lot of great adventures.  Indeed, there are too many to tell you about here, so I'll just show you this picture from one of them.  Along the way, I have also become good friends of other people with vintage Hudson cars, both in New Zealand and worldwide..

Also my knowledge and skill level with working on vintage Hudson cars has gone from nothing to the point that in the unlikely event that one of mine breaks down,  I will be able to repair it well and quickly.

To help me do this I have built up a comprehensive library of very useful Hudson vintage car literature, including log books detailing all the work I've ever done on any of my Hudsons.

Also, I have collected a large cache of used parts from all over New Zealand and some new ones mostly from America. And, over the last few years, I have restored many of these used parts, such as starter motors, generators, gearboxes, differentials, and even complete motors back to good working order should they ever be needed in a hurry.

Finally, if it’s not already clear to you by looking at this website, I’d like to point out that I manage 1928 Hudson Hire in an enthusiastic, professional and thorough way.

What started out as a passion for me,  i.e. restoring a vintage Hudson car has turned into a very busy small business. Providing bridal transport in my beautiful Hudsons is work I really enjoy doing and will be happy to do until I retire, God willing, some twenty plus years from now.  Until then I will continue to improve Hudson Hire in any way possible and provide those who hire my Hudsons with excellent service.

Brett Rossiter

(1928 Hudson Hire Manager)


My first 1928 Hudson Super Six as it was when I bought it. (November 1985)

Getting ready to trailer my purchase back to Hamilton. (December 1985)

The chassis, stripped of everything, sand-blasted and then painted. (August 1986)

Now as a “rolling chassis.” (December 1988)

Body now panel-beated, repainted, and back onto the chassis. (March 1992)

A photo, that I got with the Essex, showing it as a “rolling chassis.” (August 1971)

Another photo that I also got with the Essex, showing a bare panelbeated and repainted body. (September 1971)

Driving back to Hamilton in my second Hudson Super Six, towing a trailer full of spare parts. (24th June 1997)
My second Hudson Super Six ready to be repainted. (December 1997)

Me checking out the Murphy-bodied 7 seater 1928 Hudson Limousine

The Hudson Limousine now stripped of body panels and paint on the front scuttle and rear tub

From left to right, Jack Chappell (a friend ), Kathryn Parsons ( my wife) and myself after removing anything that might be of use from an unwanted and rotting Hudson Super Six chassis. (March 1987)

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