Bridal Cars


Click on the Questions below to see answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I hire wedding cars from Hudson Hire?

Because we’re very good at what we do. (Just read some of the testimonials on this site and/or the reviews on our Facebook page to see that this is true)

For example, our special and matching vintage Hudson cars are always cleaned prior to each hire. They are well maintained too. Moreover our service is professional.

Yet our rates are less than those of most/all other car hire companies. Also unlike them we don’t have “time over-runs” i.e. we don’t charge extra after say the first three hours is up; the prices stated on this site are from arrival at the bride’s pick up until delivery to the reception, no matter how long this takes.

How many passengers can each Hudson carry?

Please see our Our Cars & Rates for an answer to this question.

In what combinations can the Hudsons be hired?

Any combination of our four cars can be hired. A typical couple with four attendants usually hire just two standard Hudsons, one for themselves and the other one for their attendants.

Those with more attendants hire all three standard cars, one for themselves, the other two for their attendants or they hire one standard car for themselves and the bigger Limousine for all their attendants. This is less expensive than hiring all three standard cars.

Lastly, some couples hire the Limousine just for themselves because they want to travel in real style in this beautiful car and standard car/s for their attendants.

On what days of the week can the Hudsons be hired?

Every day of the week (including public holidays).

Can I call in to see the Hudsons?

Yes, certainly. But please phone first to arrange a time for this so that we know to be here for you.

Are the Hudsons hired out per occasion? (rather than per hour)

Yes. This means that they remain at the occasion until they are no longer needed. Those who hire our Hudsons therefore never have to rush (because the time is nearly up for the cars and they have to leave soon).

Can we enjoy a drink in a Hudson?

Yes, of course, for we know you’re going to be careful. If the odd spill does happen your driver will wipe it up without any fuss. There is no smoking in our Hudsons please.

How far ahead do I need to book?

We are taking bookings all the time. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, it’s best that you try to book them at least six months before the day. However, even then, they may already be booked.

Will I be sent a set of complementary digital photos of me with the Hudson/s?

Yes. If you wish, the driver will take digital photos of you and your attendants with the Hudsons and our props. These will then be printed off and posted to you, along with a CD copy, the very next day!

Are children allowed to travel in a Hudson?

Certainly we’re more than happy to transport children.

You need to be aware though, that none of the Hudsons are fitted with seat belts. They were made long before seat belts were invented (and are in fact legally exempt from having them) Child restraint seats cannot therefore be belted in.

So when we transport children they usually just sit on the back seat of the Hudson they’re in. We have transported many children over the years. At the sedate pace our vintage cars travel at, all have thoroughly enjoyed being in a “really old car” and no child (or adult) has ever come to any harm.

Do the Drivers wear a Uniform?

Yes. Every driver is always immaculately dressed in a white shirt, dark trousers and shoes and an especially made Hudson Hire waistcoat that features vintage cars.

Will the driver/s get to my pick-up point early?

Yes. The driver/s will normally arrive about 20 minutes early. This gives you and everyone else there a chance to enjoy the car/s and to be photographed with it/them without being rushed away.

Will the driver take a longer and more scenic route to my destination?

Yes. If time allows and you wish it to be so, the driver will take a more scenic route. And, again if time allows and you wish it to be so, s/he will take you for a drive “down the main street” This is always a memorable experience, especially when more than one Hudson has been hired. Everyone on the street looks and waves as the magnificent Hudsons go by in convoy, oogah horns tooting. The passengers can, of course, wave back.

Will Brett, the Manager of Hudson Hire, drive one of the Hudsons I hire?

Yes. Brett likes to ensure that all those who hire the Hudsons receive the best possible service. So he is on every hire, usually driving the main bridal car. This also means that, in the very unlikely event that one breaks down, he is already on-hand to fix it.

Are some of the drivers female?

Yes. As it happens, most of our current drivers are women.

How fast can the Hudsons go?

They cruise at 60 km ph. So, around the city, they will certainly go as fast as what a modern car should. But, on the open road, they are slower and you therefore need to allow more time for a Hudson to travel from Hamilton to some outlying location.

Can the Hudsons carry luggage? (as well as passengers)

Yes. All four cars have fold-down racks at the rear on which luggage can be tied.

Are the Hudsons equipped with umbrellas?

Yes. Each car is equipped with at least one umbrella which the driver will use to shelter his/her passengers with when it rains.

If it’s cold, can I and my attendants keep warm?

Yes. The Hudsons are equipped with thermal shawls and passengers will be invited to wrap these around themselves to keep warm, especially when standing around at a cold photo location.

Is my deposit non-refundable? (if I cancel my booking)

Yes. It can however be transferred forward (only once) to a new date providing that:

  • the cars are available on the new date,
  • the new date is not more than two years on from the original date, and the request for the transfer is made at least six months prior to the original date.

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